Medusa's Sister

Cursed for Defending Her

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My Character Concept
Euryale is the eldest of the triplets. She has gold wings, bronze claws and a snake tail in place of legs--Stheno has legs and tail, Medusa has normal legs only. Her hair is a many-colored mass of snakes which act semi-independantly, like an octopus's limbs: she tells them to do something, they figure out how to do it.

The snake parts are all from the curse--Stheno and her have it too, partly so they can defend their sister and partly because they dared to argue that Athena was punishing the victim because the offender was too powerful, which is simply cruel, and got punished for that.

They can turn people to stone by making eye contact, or just by the person looking at their face for more than a moment. Their blood is either an elixer of health or a deadly poison, depending on which side of the body it comes from.

They are not evil or cruel, just bitter and sad. They have been known to eat humans, mostly 'heroes' that try to kill them for nno good reason, but they don't try to find people and hurt them. Quite the opposite, they live as far from human civilization as they can.

They can eat stone, since most animals that run across them petrify before they can be caught. They can also use their healing blood to cure petrification, which they mostly use on unfortunate pets and children that come too close.


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